The Telephone – The Single Most Potent Weapon for Monetizing Your Sales

Do you have a proven and powerful script that is being used to answer the phone? If not, then you are probably losing a lot of potential sales and money every single day, without realizing it.

Why? Because the telephone is the single most potent weapon that you can utilize in your business. Think about it. Most of the communication we have with our clients and potential clients has been through the use of the telephone.

Your company will leave a lasting impression within the first 30 seconds of the initial call, and those first 30 seconds can determine whether that person ever steps foot in your business. Are you currently asking the right questions to hook and engage customers and get them to do business with you?

When someone calls your business asking for directions to your location, you give them directions, right? When they call to ask the price of delivery, you provide them with the rate, right? You dutifully respond to their request in the effort to be helpful. Great isn’t it!

However, our question to you is: what do you know about this person?

  • Do you know if and when that person on the phone is planning on coming into your business?
  • Do you know if they are even planning to come into your business, at all?
  • Do you know if the person is already a client?
  • Do you know if they are already using a product or service like yours?
  • Do you know what they like about what they are currently using now?
  • Do you know how it could improve? The answer is probably “NO.”

However, what if you asked the right questions to find out all of the above? What if you found out they used your competitors’ product, would they tell you what they like about your competitor, as well as dislike? What if you offered that inquiring prospect the option to take advantage of the current special promotion that you have today for first-time buyers?

Do you think that might give them an incentive to come in today or make a decision for a telephone sale because of your limited time offer? It is important to collect the right information and utilize it to develop a better relationship with current and prospective clients.

How about asking for their contact information to keep them informed and educated, or for that next great promotion through newsletters, email, and the like? Do you or your team currently ask? A telephone script that is designed to capture current and potential customers’ contact information will help you build your client base. After all, if they called you, they must be interested!

“The power of your influence is directly proportional to the power of the questions that you ask.”
– David Asarnow

The priorities for every incoming phone call should be as follows:

  • Collect their name, phone, and email address so you can enroll them in your database to start building a relationship.
  • Document the reason why they are calling, as well as the products and services that
    they are interested in so that you understand what your marketplace wants.
  • Store current and potential customer information in a client relationship
    management or sales and marketing automation system.
  • If you have a product you can sell and they know what they want, offer them the option
    to purchase by phone.
  • Make them pledge to come into your business by setting an appointment.

If you are serious about mastering the telephone, it is critical to select and train the best person to have your calls answered. You must make the shift from believing that answering the phone is an entry-level position or an imposition, to embracing the idea that every time the phone rings there is an opportunity to add a customer to your profit line. That is why moving away from automated telephone attendant telephony systems will increase your sales. We live in an instant gratification society. People crave what they want when they want it, and this includes speaking with someone live.

Choose someone that sounds charming, pleasant, and enjoys contact with people. Be sure to give them a proven script, and you will be surprised at how many anonymous callers will provide you with and your business a chance only because someone spoke nicely to them.

Sometimes, people usually need to know that someone cares about their wants and needs. People appreciate when a business takes the time to make a little extra effort to discover what they want and provide assistance. This simple little strategy has paid huge rewards over the years for our clients and us, and it does not cost you one extra penny.

Generate more sales with a well-trained telephone sales team. In today’s market, many companies are shying away from using the telephone and telephone sales teams because they are concerned about telephone solicitation laws created because of a few bad apples. While many companies shy away from using telephone marketing, it is still very effective when used accurately. So what is the right way to grow your sales through the aid of the telephone?

There are three keys to effectively building your sales using the telephone:

  1. Your List.

    • The success you achieve bases on having the right people or companies on your list. If the people you are calling have absolutely no want, need, or desire for what you are selling, then no matter how good you or your sales team is, you are wasting your time. So how do you get a good call list? Create a customer profile and then source a list to those who are matching your profile. You can buy a list from many sources. Take your customer profile to a company like,, or, and ask them to arrange together a list of prospects that match the criteria of your ideal customer based on your specific geographic data requirements
  2. The Script.

    • After you have a list of potential clients, you need to make sure you have an effective sales presentation, or “script,” for your people to use. Time is money, and each who answers a phone is a potential customer that you can develop a lifetime relationship with, so it is best to prepare your script instead of winging it. In building a script, you want to get their attention and ask them questions that will hook and engage. You want to ask them for a short amount of their time, and during this period show that you are a solution to a problem or challenge that they are having. Create a compelling story about how using your product will improve their life or solve a problem. You have to understand what you want out of the call, the goal, to create a script that will flow from an intro – to benefits, to the close. You want to discuss “next steps” during this conversation
  3. The Plan.

    • The third phase of an effective telephone sales program is your willingness to follow up with your potential clients. One must follow-up with them on a regular basis. Schedule your follow-up phone calls on a weekly or monthly basis. 48% of salespeople give up after one call, and over 88% never make more than four calls. Most of these salespeople fail to realize that it takes, on average, 8.4 customer contacts before you get a yes. In fact, most sellers, including those that spend the time on the telephone, miss out on a tremendous amount of sales due to the lack of poor follow-up. Monitoring and follow-through and you will be well on your way to earning your new contacts’ business.

By following these three key ingredients, you will be well on your way to telephone sales success. So master the telephone! It is the single most potent weapon in a salesperson’s arsenal!

By the way, if you are ready to monetize your business more effectively and accelerate your business results, let’s connect. I know we can help.

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