Speaker Training

There are two general types of speaking presentations, keynote where you are speaking to perform and motivate and speaking to sell.

Just like an actor must develop a certain skill-set to deliver a captivating presentation, today’s most successful business leaders must develop and tap into this same skill-set.

When an actor speaks to an audience or on camera they do it with passion, emotion, and presence. As a business leader it is just as important to speak with passion, conviction and purpose. When you learn to inspire your audience to take action your bookings, sales and profits will increase.

The Business Oxygen team has coached some of todays top actors and business leaders on inspiring their audience. Many of business leaders that we work with go on to generate hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in revenue just form a single power-day speaking session with one of our team members.


  • How to be more Engaging with your audience. You will learn the secret format that will have everyone sitting on the edge of their chair in a matter of minutes.
  • You will learn how to utilize eye contact more effectively, and how to adapt and change when you deal with what ememrges based upon your individual audience.
  • Become a confident presenter
  • Become a master storyteller and effectively utilize the pregnant pause, inflection and pitch for business emphasis.
  • Become more inspirational and motivational.
  • Understand STATE and how this can help you overcome physical crutches.
  • Find and tell your story
  • Deliver a creative and powerful presentation


  • Personal private business presentation skills coaching
  • Speaking Power Days
  • On-location corporate speaking and presentation skills workshops.
  • Corporate Team Building
  • Custom trainings and workshops

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