Promote Your Online Presence Offline

Marketing is all about promotion. You must shout from the rooftop that you have your business online for people to see.

The underrated and under-used strategy we will share with you in this posting will impact your traffic and sales. Remember, just having a website is not a savior for your business. In fact, today’s marketplace, you almost become suspect if you do not have a strong “online presence.”

So what strategies can you implement to promote your online presence offline and generate more traffic to your website?

  • Add your site (the URL address to all your stuff. Your marketing materials, your business cards, and sales receipts. Put it on you storefront window, all your signages, your product information sheets, and anywhere else you can think to show it off.

  • Want customers that are smartphone savvy (which is most of them) to find you? Then, use QR codes mainly coded to direct them to particular pages of your website or specific special offers. It is an effective way to promote your online presence offline. QR codes are growing in popularity. The easiest place to start using QR code is on the back of your business cards. You can generate these codes of various sites for free.

  • Give your business the advantage of having a website address that is easy to remember and benefit-driven. If your website address is too complicated, people will not remember it. Alternatively, they could also misspell it and totally get lost, missing the chance to find you. The key to remember is that your website will have no value unless you attract visitors to your site, whom you convert into buyers by giving them an irresistible offer.

By the way, if you are ready to monetize your business more effectively and accelerate your business results, let’s connect. I know we can help.

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