Email Marketing – A Proven Powerhouse Review

To market to someone via email you need their email address. A collection of email addresses is called your “list.” Frankly, getting your customer’s email address is not enough.

You see, many businesses have an email list. Unfortunately, they then do absolutely nothing with that list to capitalize on it. Not realizing the gold that is laying out there in the open just waiting for the taking. You must have a marketing strategy in place where you establish a relationship with that list. Moreover, you must do so consistently to monetize your business.

We have previously discussed including an opt-in box on your website. It is where you can collect the names of people coming to your site.  You can provide information or a service to them in exchange for their email address. You can easily implement this system of collecting those names and automatically delivering the follow-up to a site such as Aweber or iContact.

It is the first step of Email Marketing. The next step is an on-going series of emails to nurture your customer relationship. This process should implement through an automatically generated system. Moreover, to do it properly, you will need to do a bit of planning and preparing for the front end.

What you want to do is generate an email marketing campaign that contains a series of informative emails. Moreover, you send these emails to your customers over a particular interval of time. This email marketing tactic is also known as a drip campaign. It is the equivalent of a postcard campaign or other mailer. However, it is all done electronically and automatically so that you never lick a stamp or pay for postage.

We have discovered the main reason why so many business owners miss out on easy profits from their website.

  • First, they do not have a system in place to collect their visitor’s name.  
  • Second, they do not have a system in place to nurture a relationship with that customer.    

Most companies only follow-up a couple of times with their clients. However, research consistently shows that it takes over eight follow-ups to move a customer forward. With a 10 to 12-step automated monitoring process, you can increase your lead to conversions by over 68%. This vital piece of information could be tremendously crucial for your business to grow.

You may want to look at a system like those found in salesfollowup123. This system was designed specifically to create an easy to use automated email marketing follow-up process for business owners.

So how do you implement an exquisite email marketing campaign and how often should you send emails to them?

  • Your first email should be sent immediately when they opt-in to your list. Whatever you promised to give your customers in exchange for their email, should be sent to them right away.    
  • Send the next 2-5 emails should every third day or every week. You want them to remember your name, and the content of the email should be informative and valuable to the customer.  You may want to consider providing value initially, without any selling involved. Set yourself up as being the person that they should rely on for advice, information, and expertise and not the person that is just trying to sell them something. 
  • In the next set of emails, you can include some soft sell information about your products or services with a link or contact information on how to take advantage of that offer. You can send these emails on a weekly basis.

You can continue with the email marketing campaign for as long and as often as you want. Setting up this strategy all automatically with each carefully crafted email arranged to “drip” to your customer in a very strategic and consistent manner.

By the way, if you are ready to monetize your business more effectively and accelerate your business results, let’s connect.  I know we can help.

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