Drive Traffic with Pay Per Click Advertisements

Pay Per Click Advertisements are vital for any business nowadays. However, what are Pay Per Click Advertisements and how does it work anyway?

Even though a website that collects leads and makes sales is a fundamental component of your online marketing strategy, it is not all there is to it. Failing to promote your site would be like organizing your wedding, showing up, but not inviting the bride.

Driving digital traffic to your site is essential to monetizing your business! Without visitors, you will not have the opportunity to market what you offer. More importantly, you want qualified traffic that converts into paying customers. One way to let your online prospects know you are open for business is via PPC or Pay Per Click Advertisements.

Pay Per Click Advertisements work in much the same way that traditional print ads work. You prepare compelling copy in the form of a headline and brief description. With the ultimate goal of enticing someone to click on that ad. Once they do, it takes them to the website that the ads link to immediately. Once there, if people like what they see, they can ask for more information or make a purchase.

There is one main difference between website Pay Per Click Advertisements and typical ads in your local newspaper. Basically, you have a choice on how to pay for the ad. You either pay only when someone clicks on it or for the number of visitors who see it. Additionally, it all depends on the search engine you use. Moreover, you have the ability to tell the search engine how much you want to spend on each advertisement. You can also modify this amount daily depending upon actual results.

Pay Per Click Advertisements is also an excellent way to get fast and maximum exposure.

Moreover, since you can choose the amount you pay per click and set your daily budget, you get to keep everything in line with your marketing budget.

With Pay Per Click Advertisements, you have full control and can easily check and test the copy in your ad. Additionally, by monitoring and tracking them, you will know which versions of the ad get the most action. By just changing a word in your headline, you can see results increase and be able to capitalize quickly on that minor tweak to your copy.

This action is also known as split testing, whereby you test different headlines, or different keywords within the ad copy along with photos depending on the search place. You cannot make quick changes with traditional print advertising.

Many companies have been successful with generating traffic using Pay Per Click Advertisements. Others, unfortunately, have spent much money without getting any results.

There are five essential factors you need to apply to make Pay Per Click Advertisements profitable for your business:
  • Keep your Pay Per Click Advertisements bid amounts small. Do it until you truly understand which ads work the best.

  • Write compelling advertisements that attract targeted traffic, your ideal customer.

  • Create a web landing page specifically for your Pay Per Click Advertisements campaign.

  • Optimize that landing page to focus on conversions (sales or lead generation).

  • Hire an experienced PPC manager on your team if you do not have the time or desire to learn this Internet marketing strategy.

By the way, if you are ready to monetize your business more effectively and accelerate your business results, let’s connect. I know we can help.

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