5 Steps to a Website that Generates Sales

Imagine you rank on the top page of your favorite search engine, you get thousands of visitor views, but you only get 10 to 20 leads.

Would you be surprised? Who would not be? Unfortunately, this is the sad reality for many companies, because their websites are not designed or structured to get leads and drives sales. They may look charming, yet are nothing more than just a fancy brochure.

They do not engage the viewers, or motivate them to give you their contact information, or allow them to request more information about how you may serve their needs. Having a website that can generate sales is a fundamental component to monetizing your business.

Now imagine the opposite scenario: You wake up at 7 am to discover that while you were sleeping, you sold thousands of dollars of products or had several appointments booked by new clients. Wouldn’t that be exhilarating? Especially when this happens automatically without you talking to anybody, or answering a single phone call or email? Sounds crazy (and terrific) right? Well, it can and does happen every day to people that have successfully set up a traffic converting website.

A website is much more than a “vanity” thing; it can be a powerful marketing tool that acts as a virtual sales team for you and your company every hour of the day, across the globe. In the past, tens of thousands of dollars were put into making a “cute,” brand-building website, even if it never earns a single dime as a result.

The “ideal” website of yesteryears are like those award-winning advertising campaigns that look snazzy but never generate a single sale.

So here’s the great news. With the tools available at your disposal today, you can create and host your very own website. Moreover, accomplish it for less than a few hundred dollars – or even for free. Creative web designers offer free and paid WordPress templates that you can easily use to create a business website that works great, looks good, helps you capture leads, and ultimately sells your goods, products, and services!

So how can your website capture and convert leads into customers, sales and profits? It is easier than you think when you follow these five steps:
  • K.I.S.S. – Keep It Short & Simple:

Be sure that your website looks clean and professional. Like all marketing materials, your website needs to hook and engage your visitor within seconds. Make sure your website focuses on the people you want to do business with and that it clearly shows how you are the solution to the problems or challenges they are having.

Next your website should clearly show your products, services, prices (if appropriate), specifications, contact information, and location (if you have a “brick-and-mortar” traditional business). Do not force your online visitors to have to search too long or think too hard about how to contact you or about what you are selling. If you make it tough, then at the click of a mouse they will be gone.

  • Capture your website visitor’s name:

Have a lead opt-in form on your website that allows visitors to give you their contact information. Usually, it is a web form located on the upper right of a webpage. Moreover, it connects to a customer lead management software that allows you to set up an automated follow-up. Remember – People will not just give you their email address. You need to provide them with a compelling reason to do this.

In return for receiving their email address, you can present them with a free report that provides valuable content for them, a discount, exclusive information, or an irresistible offer. This one is extremely vital! Because by capturing their email address, you know who is visiting your website. Plus, as a bonus, you now have the ability to build a relationship with them.

  • Engage your website visitors:

Make your website a hotspot, where your customers want to hang out. You can use videos, audio recordings, photos and articles that have great content to connect with them in a personal way. Adding that factor will move you out of the “anonymous” zone. Visitor engagement help builds a trusting relationship between you and your visitors where they want to do business with you. People buy from people and companies that they like and trust. Engage with your visitors, and they will want to hang with you.

  • Stay Connected:

Create a plan to stay connected, build a relationship and deliver value or else your visitors will forget you quickly. Capturing their name and email address was only the first step. Even though you may be special and unforgettable, people are easily distracted. Unless you keep in touch, most people will not remember you, and you will miss a massive opportunity to build rapport with your lead. Make you continue to deliver value, not just offers. When you give your visitors real content that has value to them, they will keep coming back for more. Of course, you can send them a great offer once in a while. However, if you do it too often, they will not read your emails anymore. Alternatively, even worse, they will request to be removed from your email list.

Nobody likes to be sold to all the time. Keeping the right balance between providing useful content and occasional offers are critical.
Staying connected is easy, cheap, and can be set on autopilot through a sales follow-up and lead management system such as SalesFollowUp123. By using this system, you can prepare a series of emails delivered to any new lead on a set schedule. This way you can continue to engage with your prospects and clients – even while you are sleeping!

  • Point the Way:

Drive traffic to your site consistently to bring people to your virtual front door. There are millions of websites, and you must have an initial and ongoing strategy to drive qualified traffic to your site. There are numerous methods to accomplish that, but the main point of any strategy is to be consistent and capitalize in any way that works best for your customers and your business.

By the way, if you are ready to monetize your business more effectively and accelerate your business results, let’s connect. I know we can help.

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